At Total Foundation & Roofing Repair we offer new foundations and foundation repair which includes pier and beam foundations and flat slab foundations. We work on concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios and retaining walls. Please call us today for your foundation needs!
We install several different types of piers depending on foundation type.

Pier & Beam Foundations

Pier and beam homes have several methods of piers. We can install a full concrete pier by digging an 18x18x24inch deep hole, filling that hole with one foot thick concrete footer, and coming up with an 8” or 10” diameter concrete pier to the bottom of your support beam. If the height of the house is great, or cedar posts are desired, the same method can be used, but instead come up with a cedar post instead of a concrete pier. Other methods such as, pads and blocks can be used as well. An 18”x18” pre-cast concrete pad with pre-cast concrete blocks stacked on top. 

Do you have cracked walls? Doors that won't close? Bulging floors? Any of these can be signs of foundation problems. Foundation settlement can lead to major structural problems within your home. Luckily, there are ways to repair a concrete foundation without having to tear it out and start from scratch.

Foundation settlement and movement requiring foundation repair can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations. Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe. If you see signs of foundation distress, don't delay in getting the problem solved. The longer you wait, the more your foundation will sink and cause further costly damage.

Piering and Slabjacking are two common methods for lifting a sunken concrete foundation.  Piering fixes concrete foundations by placing supports underground that lift and support the concrete. While Slabjacking fills the space under the slab with a grout mixture that floats the foundation back to its’ original position. Our professionals will be able to assess which repair method is best suited for your foundation issues.

Whether your home has sunk just a few inches or nearly a foot, a concrete floor and foundation repair contractor can provide some form of underpinning as one of their services to repair your failed foundation. If you think there is a crack in your foundation, call on us for professional foundation repair and for an assessment of your property. We will be able to determine any damage that has occurred and formulate the best plan for your situation. We are the experts when it comes to repair of cracked foundations. 

Flat Slab Foundations

Concrete slab foundations are approached with larger piers and different methods, due to the added weight and limited access. We dig a 30x30x30 inch hole UNDERNEATH the bottom of your structural beam. From there we drill down until we hit rock or a suitable soil that doesn’t shrink or swell. We pour concrete with steel reinforcement throughout and fill up the hole with 12 inches of concrete. Furthermore, we will create a 10” or 12” concrete post to the bottom of your structural beam. We let the concrete cure and jack the house up inserting steel shims between new concrete piers and original structural beams until the house is level. 

So, when you have a structural problem and choose us to resolve it, we approach the task of repairing your home not just as a job but also as an important responsibility.